tell me my name

I’m taking a BRIEF moment in this craziness to acknowledge that I really think I’m the craziest mother fucker I know.  The idea that I could pull off a music video with 40+ shots and 18 locations in a week is straight insane.  Add on top of the at the typhoon that’s sweeping Seattle right now, and any sane person would arrive at the same verdict.  But in all this lack of confidence, support, and general encouragement from a majority of my peers there are these little bits of gasoline that spark my little engine.

Two days ago as I was literally like, what is the easy way to shoot this music video and scrap this idea of showing everything I’m rapping about (yeah, I said rapping… it’s a Will Smith parody).  Then I got a text from one of my best friends in Florida tell me he’s pumped for the next episode.  It wasn’t much, but when there isn’t any real consistent team those little meaningless green lights can turn things around.  Then yesterday, a midst snow and rain fall I had scheduled two friends to help shoot the opening shots…which are outdoor … with me riding a bike.  The text read “It’s dumping snow over here…still want to do this?”  To which I answered “fuck yeah.” Everyone and everything has told me no, I’ve adapted this ‘just press play’ attitude.  Sure enough the snow/rain stopped for 3 hours (the sun even came out!), and when we finished the shit weather resumed.  It was crazy.

Here I am again today, running around just me and a camera… finding blessings and encouragement from people I barely know.  Who knew that kindness from strangers, of all things, would be my coal.  Well, off to Queen Anne — where I was sniping a shot of someone’s Prius not but an hour ago.


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