Help Me Rhonda

WAIT!  I’m not going to ask for your money. Your spare cash should go to a cause that needs it.  What I need is quick, simple and free. The emotional support of friends and strangers has kept me afloat.  Not surprisingly, many of my friends want to help but don’t have the time for the actual production. There are three ways I’ve listed below.  Over the next month I am going to push the page in an effort to get 3,000 likes by April 1st.

If you’ve enjoyed the show at all, here is a quick checklist to really help me out:
1) Like the Facebook Page right now. This is the biggest sign of support.

2) If you share your favorite clip or an episode (you’re awesome), share it from the Local Brew fan page, or just tag the show in your post.  I really do appreciate the kudos to me, 
but it’s not about me.  Remember?

3) One time, just once… share the page itself.  You can do this from the bottom of the left column of the page where it says share.  You can share on your timeline, on a group page, or in a message to a friend.

I’ve done my best not to vomit ‘like my page’ updates all over facebook without having the content to back it up.  I feel I’ve earned the right to vomit a couple times and promise not to abuse your newsfeed.  Also, this was written while listening to this throwback — now we both have it stuck in our head.


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