keep the earth

This is a pause from the craziness that has ensued since the kickstarter ended and season 2 of the show began.  A friend of many and an acquaintance of mine, Tristan Devin, ended his life here a couple days ago. He was definitely a revered comic in town and someone that I had only one interaction with.  I went up to his coffee shop to work on a sketch with full intention of finding an excuse to talk to him about the show, and seeing what happened.  All I remember is he was so easy to talk to and earnestly encouraging about what I was doing, something that I had not found as common place.  I was nervous about talking to him the whole time I sat there drinking my chai, but once I finally said a couple of words (putting my cup back because it took me that long) he was so easy to jive with. Being a person who works on highs and lows, walking out with that confidence someone else bestows in you was a feeling I physically remember caring.  As though I had been validated.

I know that he was a lot more to many of my fellow comedians and performers in town, and it sucks when a community as small as ours loses the battle. A lot of us find comedy because it is our release from whatever demons we battle with, and we always wonder if and what we could’ve done or said different — heck I’m doing that right now — but at this point I hope he has found peace and laughter in the great beyond.

Rest well homie.