you ever acted before? cuz im making this pool party video…

Yesterday I posted about wanting you in the Rain City video, and right now I’m going to tell you how. Will this work? Welp, only one way to find out. Here’s what we’ll need to do to make it happen… below is a list things that you get to pick from. you can do one, or all of them. each should be around 5 seconds so that if you do all of them, the video is around 40 seconds.

  • head bobbing, very serious… looking left, then straight, then right.
  • your signature dance
  • something or some place very seattle
  • doing something athletic (like running, flexing, or …juggling balls?)
  • pho, cream cheese hot dog, thai food, copper river salmon, or dicks fries
  • standing still either wearing something super seattle (could be flannel, could be a bike)
  • throwing CDs, game cases, or computer program boxes
  • whatever you want (could be parkour, your dog, a handstand, you saying something, skittles, etc).

Get crazy with it.  These are all open to interpretation (except dick’s fries, do not reinterpret that).  Once you’ve made your video, upload it to youtube and either post the link on the fan page, or send me an email with the subject “OH SNAP”.  By sending me the video you agree that I can rip your video, make a video out of it, and use that video for my own personal gain… cool?  Cool.  You will have until Tuesday night to upload something, so take some time over the weekend and make it happen baby!

Rick Ross says:

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