muggin with my tea!

let’s talk business. i want you in my video. yeah, you. why? because 1) you’re ridiculously good looking, but without your support id never have gotten to this point.  my thoughts are a little messy, but here’s the deal.  about two months ago i wrote a “Rack City” parody, and about one month ago it was recorded.  although I was distracted by doing actual paying work, i didn’t want to let it die.

is this joke dead?  HELL YEAH.  is that going to stop us? HOPEFULLY NOT.  so here’s what we’re going to do… i’m going to ask that you record a 30 second video with a handful of items (like 5 seconds of standing somewhere in the city) and upload them to youtube.  i will then rip that video, and the people with the most views will be in the video along with a judges choice from our expert panel sponsored by coke zero.  NOT.  I’m going to edit [possibly] everyone into the video.

What exactly are you going to put in this video?  Easy tiger… I’ll post that tomorrow, but I told you I’d post something today.  Listen to the track, if you don’t like it — promptly turn it off.  Then I’ll post the instructions tomorrow, by which time you probably haven’t read this anyway.


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