king is in his court

Here I am, an hour away from presenting to the head honchos at King5.  It’s kind of crazy that I actually planned all this shit from over a year ago.  I knew that everything I’d do would come down to 10 minutes of reviewing what I’ve done, and telling them it’s nothing compared to what we could do.  Will they buy it?  Who knows.  Odds are, they’ve already made some sort of decision.  Then again, maybe they’ve only watched a clip and are getting in because they heard I was bringing free food.  Obviously I’m not.  Although I thought about bringing some of my Cavalia toys as a memento.

I’ve rehearsed my shit, and I’m even wearing nice clothes.  I elected against a suit or even khakis.  Shit, tucking my shirt in is a stretch.  I could play the part, but part of this pitch is selling me.  Little do they know this nice nordstrom shirt was a dime piece I yanked from a MSFT commercial I did.  Free stuff for days. Been listening to rap music all morning and bout ready to get it done.  All I know is that I’m gonna get wasted tonight.  The question is will I be listening to Eminem or Lil Jon?

Let’s get it.


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