and so sally can wait

I originally recorded this as a video, but I looked like a deuche (see Exhibit A).  

Exhibit A

First, there is no new episode. I’m going to tell you what’s going on with Local Brew, because I wouldn’t even be to this point without you.  So I’ll interview myself (?) and hope it covers a lot, especially for people who don’t know me.

1) Who the f*ck are you?
My name’s rauce, at least that’s what twitter says.  I left my comfy job producing videos at a local agency in January to make the show after a year+ of saving, learning, and growing bigger balls.  Everyone in the show is a friend and I’d never have been able to do this without some help, especially from Ron and Tim (aka Hulk), who were my go to performers.  Virtually all of the production – writing, editing, directing, filming, producing, etc – was me.  Not because I wanted it that way, but because people have lives and the commitment to help without getting paid is a tough sell.  The help I did get was amazing, unexpected, and if I had a yacht I’d take them on a Grey Goose booze cruise as a thank you.

2) Why aren’t there going to be more episodes?
Money.  I designed the show in a format that could hopefully move to broadcast and become a modern Almost Live.  After meeting with some decision makers at King5, it’s apparent that times are different and despite having a good product, per se, the business model and talent to do it isn’t something that seems to interest them right off the bat.  Is it a 100% no?  Definitely not.  But I have to make smart decisions, and not knowing much about business — I’m taking the time to stop producing and start looking at the financial feasibility of this.

3) Don’t you have sponsors?
Nope.  I’m going to try and find a title sponsor that I have a mutual beneficial relationship.  A company with a product or service I support, not just a cash flow.  If you own a brewery, you should sponsor the show… pretty please.

4) What’s the future look like?
Production will hopefully resume in June, but I don’t know.  I might decide that it’s not an option and go back into getting a ‘real job’ to save up more money, and make occasional dumb videos like everyone else.  I’ve been making song parodies since middle school, and would probably just do stuff like that — not specific to Seattle.  I love this city, but it’s a matter of potential audience.  Which I hate, because I really think a hyper local comedy show fits this place.  Let’s be serious, we are  hilarious.

5) Anything else?
Just thank you to all my friends and supporters that have helped me from big things to little things. If you’ve read this far, you’re in that category.  An asshole comment on youtube would ruin my day, but then someone would leave a positive note on the facebook page and pick me up.  I’m an average white middle class dude, I’m very hate-able to the faceless haters.  Other than that, if you subscribe to the youtube channel that will help tremendously.  Everything’s a numbers game.


king is in his court

Here I am, an hour away from presenting to the head honchos at King5.  It’s kind of crazy that I actually planned all this shit from over a year ago.  I knew that everything I’d do would come down to 10 minutes of reviewing what I’ve done, and telling them it’s nothing compared to what we could do.  Will they buy it?  Who knows.  Odds are, they’ve already made some sort of decision.  Then again, maybe they’ve only watched a clip and are getting in because they heard I was bringing free food.  Obviously I’m not.  Although I thought about bringing some of my Cavalia toys as a memento.

I’ve rehearsed my shit, and I’m even wearing nice clothes.  I elected against a suit or even khakis.  Shit, tucking my shirt in is a stretch.  I could play the part, but part of this pitch is selling me.  Little do they know this nice nordstrom shirt was a dime piece I yanked from a MSFT commercial I did.  Free stuff for days. Been listening to rap music all morning and bout ready to get it done.  All I know is that I’m gonna get wasted tonight.  The question is will I be listening to Eminem or Lil Jon?

Let’s get it.