i deconstruct my thoughts on this piano

I just read this article in the WSJ on YouTube celebrities and the money in it… talking about how some of these guys make upwards of a million a year.  The interview with this one clown RayWJ makes me feel optimistic and frustrated at the same time.  Frustrated because I watch what he does and first of all, mother fucker is all about him (which is cool, brand yourself – I get it), but because it’s this low quality rip of what others have done MUCH better than him.  When I think of web videos and commentary, Patrice O’neil (one of my favorite comics, RIP) basically originated how to make this funny with his Vh1 show, Web Junk. Daniel Tosh is really good too, but the point is that the idea of throwing up on the internet isn’t a goal for entertainers.  That’s why when people are like, really like the show you’re going to be a like a youtube celebrity — I want to kick them in the teeth.  Granted that’s only been said to me like 4 times, but it seems like more.

Optimistic as well though.  Why? Because all these guys are all out for themselves, and I like the idea of being different.  I’ve had so much fun the past month, and even filming last night at a shady motel on Aurora — because there are SO MANY TALENTED PEOPLE around me.  This gal, Debora, came out and played this part and absolutely killed it.  She was a friend of a friend and man was she awesome…just going to show that if I were to make this show all about me, it would limit the shit out of it.

Anyways, this is vomit now… but in the midst of ep 2 craziness, I wanted to get this on page (?) while it was fresh.  There will always be room for quality and community to succeed.  At least that’s what I believe until it’s proven to be otherwise.