a comet appears

Episode 1 in the can.  The month of January has been craaaaazy and it’s unfortunate I didn’t do a better job of writing as things went along. The blizzard thing kinda through everything off.  When the predictions were coming in, I realized even if I wanted to shoot what I’d planned (originaly a Matrix parody) I wouldn’t have been able to.  It couldn’t have worked out better, and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

There were a couple nights I really didn’t think I’d get the episode done on time.  In my head I was like, what does Jan 25th matter?  It can be later, I’m writing the rules.  Luckily I told my lazy side to shut the fuck up and I had to stick to the goals I had set.  It felt like school again when ‘d wait until the night before a huge paper was due and just work through the night.

The green screen segments of just me, shit, I didn’t start filming the night before at 9pm.  Turned my apartment into a studio.  It took me 40 minutes to shoot once I started.  I just stared at the camera and didn’t say anything for 4 minutes… actor ross would not have been proud.  That’s what made it more difficult I think, is that it was just me.  Felt like I was a news anchor and the lights were coming up my first time at the desk.  All the talk, planning, rejection, expectations, highs/lows, and everthing else that it’s been up to this point kind of just hit me.  Literally, the first four minutes of film were me standing staring at the camera.  It didn’t seem that long when I was standing there, but the time code didn’t lie when I went to edit.

Now it’s on to episode 2… Sophmore Slump, or Comeback of the Year?


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