Monas Lisas and Mad Hatters, this is the dream I’m pursuing…

After more than a year of preparation, learning, and saving, I am creating a local online comedy show called Local Brew.  This is the one page overview of wtf that means, explaining everything but wtf wtf means…

Yeah, that’s it.  I have tried to maintain my job(s) and simultaneously produce this but it needs everything I’ve got.  The website is not live yet, but will be very soon.  Right now there’s just a fake out image, my b. That being said, I’m going to try and answer questions that some friends have asked.

1) Are you acting, writing, producing, etc?
Yes to all of them.  I am getting help from a two other incredibly talented comedians that make up for my weaknesses and double my strengths (…spinach?) for the content, but truthfully there are more people and will continue to be more people involved.  Hopefully, you will want to help too!

2) Do you have sponsors?
Ugh, it’s not all about money people!   No, there are not sponsors right now.  After 26 years of getting things for free and holding 90 jobs, I’ve saved up enough to survive for about 4 months with a baby boo boo budget to pay for the things I absolutely cannot get for $free.99 — the goal is to create great content first, and worry about that green later.  This show is being built from the underground up.

3) Have you seen Portlandia?
Yes, and it’s fucking great.   But this is not that show.  In fact, that show didn’t exist when this first started.  Local Brew is not for people that live outside of Washington, and plays in a different format.  There are no plans to go anywhere with this show beyond this city.  The only plan, if the show goes well, is a soft spot on KING5’s pillow.  Plus, Seattle is way cooler than Portland.  Let’s be serious.

4) Have you heard of Almost Live?
Yes. The idea for Local Brew came when I was doing this Taco Time commercial with Pat Cashman, of Almost Live fame.  When I asked why everyone loved him so much, he told me about the show.  I’d later find out that it still airs and still pulls great ratings, sometimes better than SNL.  It got me thinking…

5) Are you absolutely crazy?
I’m either incredibly crazy or absolutely genius, and all logical signs point to the first.

6) Why?
There are so many great answers that are all true, some of which you wouldn’t believe unless you had the whole context of why I’m even in Seattle.  The short answer is this: I want to leave this place knowing that I’ve made as many people smile as I possibly could.  Lord knows I have made some shitty and haunting decisions, broke hearts, and been incredibly selfish at times, but we all do and I’ve learned that this is ‘growing up.’  In a world that seems so full of hate and pessimism at times, I want to bring back an outlet for people to laugh.  I want Local Brew to be on the list of friends you go to when you need to laugh.  Seattle is the only city where a show like this can exist because of its heart and character.  A big part of this show is community, and I intend to keep it that way.  We all find sooner or later what drives us, inspires us, and how we can use who we are to achieve our goals.  This is my cause, but it is not my only reason.   I’m vomiting emotions at this point, but that’s why I put it last.  I’m a fucking emotional person, sorry.

I’ll end this, my first public post, with an excerpt from my first private post:
This is my first note, and although you probably won’t remember it much as it gets buried in the shoe box, know that from the start – it’s not about me.  I promise you this.  At times it may not appear as such and I may promote myself and go to fancy dinners wearing fancy suits, but I know that this life isn’t about me.  If I ever cross that line with you, check me.  I can’t promise I’ll agree with you, but I will always listen.”

Thank you for your support, for the likes and the comments, the smiles and hugs.  This is going to be an interesting couple of months and I’m scared out of my mind, but I am following my dreams before it’s too late.
Here we go!


2 thoughts on “Monas Lisas and Mad Hatters, this is the dream I’m pursuing…

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