Matrix of Leadership

For the past 4 mornings, I’ve woken up and listened to epic soundtrack music.  I think I’m trying to get in the habit of feeling epic every day, and it’s kind of working.  Besides getting really excited that each morning there’s something new and challenging to look forward to — this music gets you HYPED!  Usually I listen to orchestral music when I write, and that’s how all this music landed in my library, but it has become a great juxtaposition to Skrillex … for now.

The tracks all have such deep titles too: Infinite White, There is No Plan, Matrix of Leadership, Nest.  Okay well that last one maybe not, but you get it.

Today’s the day Banyan Branch gets the news of my departure.  Prediction: everyone will uncontrollably burst into tears.
“What is this salty discharge?”


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