so this is the new year

Made it!  I’m sitting here at my desk, beginning my last week.   I’ve start my new workout and on day 3, I am incredibly sore.  Which is more me calling myself a bitch than anything else.  It’s embarrassing when it hurts to roll over in bed, but that’s what I get for doing virtually nothing the past 6 months.  Moving on…
I met with Fred and Ron yesterday at Fred’s office space in Sodo.  We went over format, tone, questions, and set our sights for our first writing session.  Tuesday the 10th (one week from today).  Our aim for the first full sketch is to be a “first cut” tourism video for a neighborhood.  Toss ups are between Kent, Kirkland, Shoreline, Everett… basically a handful.  We’re going to put these up with different facts that we could riff off, pick one and make it happen.

I thought about doing a Seattle version, but want to establish that you won’t get it if you’re not from here right off the bat.  In any case, I’m ready to start making.

2012… game time baby.


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