Making a bigger difference

Last night I filmed an event, Rainn Wilson and Friends, at the Paramount to benefit the Mona Foundation.  Truthfully, I was not incredibly impressed and here’s why.  Tickets sold on average for $35 with about 2200 attending, totaling around $75,000 raised.  To book Rainn for a corporate event for ONE NIGHT, I have been told is $100,000.  So why not do an appearance and take 20k to produce the event and make it free for everyone?  Raise the same awareness, possibly get more public donations beyond tickets, and sell out your show (capacity at the Paramount is 2800).

I look at Rainn and how he uses his celebrity to for a good cause, but I think it’s apparent that this cause is not a personal driving force. If Team Blitz can raise $70,000 — I know national TV celebrities can do much better.  This sounds weird because I truthfully think like this, but one my my goals is to make it so I can triple the outcome of a fundraiser like that for Multiple Sclerosis.  I don’t know if the National MS Society will be the direct benefactor, because I’m hoping to fund research and the cure directly.  Great scientist are like great athletes: expensive, hard to recruit, rare, and incredibly valuable.

Speaking of expensive, my brother got engaged on Friday… that’s pretty exciting and awesome.  I wanted to say fucking awesome, but I don’t know if I’m cursing in this blog or not… although I think I’ve done that quite a bit already.

At the end of the day, the success of Local Brew is the gateway to an opportunity to make a bigger difference than I can as the guy filming someone else.


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