Coffee Shop Soundtrack

Here I am at the Cherry Street Cafe on 1st and Clay with Byron and soon to be Alexis to talk design and dev of the actual site.  There is also a girl sitting by herself reading an enormous blue book.  Odds I talk to her are 20:1 (note that I don’t know what that means but sounds like the odds are against it).  I’m honestly more like a patriarch for this meeting since we’ve picked out a layout and a lot of the questions are for Alexis and developing beep boop boop beep questions.
…she left.

Is this how revolutions start?  I hope so, because I feel cool as shit sitting with talented dudes talking their trade.  We are all also wearing dark colors…and the lighting in this place has taken a hit from the economy.

First big question: Vimeo or YouTube???
Vimeo is independent and quality.  YouTube is more accessible and familiar.

This is a tough one and both have their pros and cons, but for this show my instincts said Vimeo.  That being said, a lot of signs point to YouTube.  Both is an option.  I proposed the whole episodes on vimeo and the independent clips hosted on youtube.  That makes the clips a little more shareable, but maintains the quality of the vimeo player.  Fuck.  In youtube you can link within to other videos, count subscribers, and — you know what?  You can HD embed youtube videos now.  I just realized that.
Executive decision = YouTube!


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