Hard Work

Remember the sweetness?  Well it was worth all the crunch and trying to get shit done on time because for what I had to work with I’m pretty happy.  I’ve dropped in the final video promo for the Rainn Wilson event with that superhero guy Phoenix Jones.  One of the, and I hate to admit this, cooler things was that Rainn tweeted out the video.  I am hating that I wrote that double because that is nerd of nerd, but fuck it that shit’s cool. I wish I had more time to delve deeper into it because I literally had to learn another program and mess with all these different exports and install updates and importers and drivers and it was fucking ridiculous.  One day I’d like to have the budget to pay someone who’s actually good at post production to rock that shit.  For now though, I’ll have to do.  This might just be my last original video (that isn’t stupid) before I peace out of the job.  Truth be told though, this video would have never happened for a real client — it’s only because they’re non profit and I did this on my own time that it turned out cool.  So hurr it is.  I’m going to go play Modern Warfare 3 now.


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