Tomorrow I film with the Red Epic… the same camera I posted about earlier.  The shoot is to promote a non profit event put on by Rainn Wilson to benefit the Mona Foundation.  Truthfully I should be working on it right now, but that’s all I’ve been doing since the opportunity arose not but 6 days ago.  With no money, and virtually no support I set out and wrote this script with a local ‘superhero’ who will be at the show.  He, until today, has been the only other one excited about this project.

I really hope that this is the best thing to come out of my head to date.  It will either be another failure or a rewarding success. Ironically, I’ve had some great people step up and volunteer to get this done.  One being a fellow improvisor’s mother-in-law.   The highs and lows of support and lack of become somewhat emotionally taxing.  I was geeking out about the camera we were able to get for really cheap and how excited I was for the video to the girl on that works for our company and runs social for Mona… her response after all the time and effort I’d put into this was “I just don’t want to be about Ross” or some shit like that.  I can’t even begin to explain how deflating words like that are.

So I’ll go into tomorrow and test how suited I am with a big toy, a good idea, and no money.  Odds that the weather tries to ruin shit? 110%.


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