This will be my last irrelevant post.  I needed to get in the habit of writing regularly again and this should be my 6th post or so.  I also needed a variety of content for Byron and Alexis to work with, which means I’ll insert a video post in here for shoots and googles.  Hell, I’ll do it right now.  Just did it, not sure if that worked.  It’s the behind the scene for the first video I shot on the RED camera (ooooooh) at 120 frames per second (aaaaahhh) with about 23 dogs (woooooof).  It didn’t turn out very close to how I had it originally drawn up or even edited after the first cut.  However, the client is (not) always right so I lay down and changed it.  The behind the scenes is okay, but I didn’t do a very good job of introducing anything.  Remember how I said this would be the last post about nothing?  Well we’ve arrived at the end because  all I’m thinking about is how hot Scarlett Johannson is.


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