Making a bigger difference

Last night I filmed an event, Rainn Wilson and Friends, at the Paramount to benefit the Mona Foundation.  Truthfully, I was not incredibly impressed and here’s why.  Tickets sold on average for $35 with about 2200 attending, totaling around $75,000 raised.  To book Rainn for a corporate event for ONE NIGHT, I have been told is $100,000.  So why not do an appearance and take 20k to produce the event and make it free for everyone?  Raise the same awareness, possibly get more public donations beyond tickets, and sell out your show (capacity at the Paramount is 2800).

I look at Rainn and how he uses his celebrity to for a good cause, but I think it’s apparent that this cause is not a personal driving force. If Team Blitz can raise $70,000 — I know national TV celebrities can do much better.  This sounds weird because I truthfully think like this, but one my my goals is to make it so I can triple the outcome of a fundraiser like that for Multiple Sclerosis.  I don’t know if the National MS Society will be the direct benefactor, because I’m hoping to fund research and the cure directly.  Great scientist are like great athletes: expensive, hard to recruit, rare, and incredibly valuable.

Speaking of expensive, my brother got engaged on Friday… that’s pretty exciting and awesome.  I wanted to say fucking awesome, but I don’t know if I’m cursing in this blog or not… although I think I’ve done that quite a bit already.

At the end of the day, the success of Local Brew is the gateway to an opportunity to make a bigger difference than I can as the guy filming someone else.


Coffee Shop Soundtrack

Here I am at the Cherry Street Cafe on 1st and Clay with Byron and soon to be Alexis to talk design and dev of the actual site.  There is also a girl sitting by herself reading an enormous blue book.  Odds I talk to her are 20:1 (note that I don’t know what that means but sounds like the odds are against it).  I’m honestly more like a patriarch for this meeting since we’ve picked out a layout and a lot of the questions are for Alexis and developing beep boop boop beep questions.
…she left.

Is this how revolutions start?  I hope so, because I feel cool as shit sitting with talented dudes talking their trade.  We are all also wearing dark colors…and the lighting in this place has taken a hit from the economy.

First big question: Vimeo or YouTube???
Vimeo is independent and quality.  YouTube is more accessible and familiar.

This is a tough one and both have their pros and cons, but for this show my instincts said Vimeo.  That being said, a lot of signs point to YouTube.  Both is an option.  I proposed the whole episodes on vimeo and the independent clips hosted on youtube.  That makes the clips a little more shareable, but maintains the quality of the vimeo player.  Fuck.  In youtube you can link within to other videos, count subscribers, and — you know what?  You can HD embed youtube videos now.  I just realized that.
Executive decision = YouTube!

Hard Work

Remember the sweetness?  Well it was worth all the crunch and trying to get shit done on time because for what I had to work with I’m pretty happy.  I’ve dropped in the final video promo for the Rainn Wilson event with that superhero guy Phoenix Jones.  One of the, and I hate to admit this, cooler things was that Rainn tweeted out the video.  I am hating that I wrote that double because that is nerd of nerd, but fuck it that shit’s cool. I wish I had more time to delve deeper into it because I literally had to learn another program and mess with all these different exports and install updates and importers and drivers and it was fucking ridiculous.  One day I’d like to have the budget to pay someone who’s actually good at post production to rock that shit.  For now though, I’ll have to do.  This might just be my last original video (that isn’t stupid) before I peace out of the job.  Truth be told though, this video would have never happened for a real client — it’s only because they’re non profit and I did this on my own time that it turned out cool.  So hurr it is.  I’m going to go play Modern Warfare 3 now.


Tomorrow I film with the Red Epic… the same camera I posted about earlier.  The shoot is to promote a non profit event put on by Rainn Wilson to benefit the Mona Foundation.  Truthfully I should be working on it right now, but that’s all I’ve been doing since the opportunity arose not but 6 days ago.  With no money, and virtually no support I set out and wrote this script with a local ‘superhero’ who will be at the show.  He, until today, has been the only other one excited about this project.

I really hope that this is the best thing to come out of my head to date.  It will either be another failure or a rewarding success. Ironically, I’ve had some great people step up and volunteer to get this done.  One being a fellow improvisor’s mother-in-law.   The highs and lows of support and lack of become somewhat emotionally taxing.  I was geeking out about the camera we were able to get for really cheap and how excited I was for the video to the girl on that works for our company and runs social for Mona… her response after all the time and effort I’d put into this was “I just don’t want to be about Ross” or some shit like that.  I can’t even begin to explain how deflating words like that are.

So I’ll go into tomorrow and test how suited I am with a big toy, a good idea, and no money.  Odds that the weather tries to ruin shit? 110%.


This will be my last irrelevant post.  I needed to get in the habit of writing regularly again and this should be my 6th post or so.  I also needed a variety of content for Byron and Alexis to work with, which means I’ll insert a video post in here for shoots and googles.  Hell, I’ll do it right now.  Just did it, not sure if that worked.  It’s the behind the scene for the first video I shot on the RED camera (ooooooh) at 120 frames per second (aaaaahhh) with about 23 dogs (woooooof).  It didn’t turn out very close to how I had it originally drawn up or even edited after the first cut.  However, the client is (not) always right so I lay down and changed it.  The behind the scenes is okay, but I didn’t do a very good job of introducing anything.  Remember how I said this would be the last post about nothing?  Well we’ve arrived at the end because  all I’m thinking about is how hot Scarlett Johannson is.