Gl0wing in the d@rk

Keeping the dream alive and living the dream are two statements I love, but are both somewhat depressing.  Keeping the dream alive means you’re struggling to do what you truly want to. You’re somewhat passively trying but almost knowing that what you wish to achieve will never come.

Living the dream is actually a really depressing statement.  It means you’re finding superficial happiness you missed out on earlier.  At least most of the time.  Even people who actually are living the dream are plagued by the restrictions of wealth and fame.


Those are just random thoughts.  They’re full of holes, but since I let them out of my head it’s fair to criticize.  While we’re on topics of debate, I have an awesome Halloween costume.  It’s a TRON get up.  It’s awesome.  It was also my brother’s costume from last year.  whoops.  I love that even though I’m 25, I still use his stuff like I’m 13.  To be fair, we dress up all the time and I hook him up with hella costume action.  Time to go eat pizza with some people who I enjoy.  Harvard grads that enjoy partying.  Me… but a lot smarter.


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