Come on, last a year

Time is passing by and my my my I’m am dying every hour not constantly creating something.  This dream has been going on a year, but truthfully, it’s been going on much longer.  My senior project in college was a pilot for a live, interactive improv show.  I literally did then exactly what I’m doing now, but I’m just better at everything.  The scary part is 4 years later, it still might not be good enough.   Just like now, I did everything include perform in my pilot – which I called Untitled Comedy Hour – mostly because I couldn’t come up with a name.  I can think of a lot of creative ideas, but I’m terrible with creating names.  Partly because I’ve had a very odd name myself.   Some things don’t change.  We never change.

So how long will this dream last? If it lasts a year and I walk away having creating something, fail or succeed, I will be happy that I went for it.  My pilot from college was not that great, and the only thing that went wrong technically was the sound — which is the only thing I left to someone else unsupervised.  One of my fellow radio DJs.  Stupid me thinking someone in radio could handle audio.

I’m talking to much and need to do.  I need to quit.  I’ve been convinced to stay through December.  January seems an eternity away.  Come on skinny love, last a year.


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