seeing RED again

I got my hands on a $65k camera today.  A new, compact RED epic.  As much as I want to believe that a really nice camera versus my DSLR won’t be that different if you do other things right, but after the little demo that’s just straight up not true.  Part of this journey into creating Local Brew is becoming a better filmmaker.  Learning the technical aspects, the work flow into post production, and all these other things keep stacking up.  Where the hell do you learn about all these things if you don’t have the money to get your paws on it and play?  The answer is obviously film school, but really — that’s a shit ton of money too aaaand after a certain point you can’t just leave life to study film again.  It just sucks.  I want a milli in equipment and a year to learn everything.  I’d accept cash too, but I wouldn’t know how to spend it.  Probably just buy a giant slip n slide and a 100 waterproof cameras to shoot it bullet time from 360 degrees.  Pretty badass if you ask me.

Point being , I want to make awesome shit.  If I can get good enough at faking it with post production and good concepts/storytelling… I’ll eventually be able to shoot good stuff on badass equipment and…take over the world!  I’m an idiot.


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