Violin Stroke

Dubstep has to be the best worst music around.  The gap between good and bad remixes are immense, but when I find one I like it’s like I’ve won a prize.  Let anyone listen that doesn’t have an inner rave child and they are immediately repulsed, but I believe that if you’ve got music in your soul you HAVE to vibe.  I find there are very select bands and artists you can create to.  They vary greatly: Led Zeppelin, MUSE, Bon Iver… but among those are a handful of long dubstep/electro remixes.  Skrillex – Cinema is a great, hey I’ve never heard this shit before how does it sound?  It has more lube than a lot of dubstep.

Truth is, I’m just trying to waste the work day.  I came in earlier than usual and I feel like shit so I put my hood up, sunglasses on, and crankd this shit.  And yes, I’m wearing sunglasses indoors in Seattle.  It’s fucking liberating.


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