Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

The big news today is that I’ve got someone to dev the site that my favorite art director, Byron, is designing.  Alexis (that’s the dude) worked with both Byron and I at my current workplace back before we had a billion bosses.  Back when things were hectic as shit, but fun and lax.  I somehow got really lucky and get to keep the ‘only work with friends’ approach I’ve had since the beginning.

I should say something more meaningful but I’m hungry and I can’t think when I’m not being obese.  Point being, I’m really f*cking excited to have talented friends that are supporting me in this dream.   America…f*uck yeah.  (note that I meant to censor that but had a type fail that I left because it’s f*cking funny).  The bands getting back together.  Reunion tour.


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